Why Are My Overlays Not Displayed?


If you are facing trouble with overlays on your site, you can use the following troubleshooting options:


1. Is the Picreel code on the page that your template will appear on?

Right-click on an empty part of the webpage and select “View Page Source” or press Ctrl + U.


Viewing Page Source of your website


Search for ‘pcrl’ in your page source and ensure the Picreel code block is above the last body tag.

It should look like this:


Checking the Picreel code in the page source


2. Are you using the correct code with your domain?

You’ll want to verify if the code installed on your site, you can match a piece of the JavaScript code within your Picreel account to the code on your website.


To get your code, navigate to ‘Campaigns’ from your dashboard. Click’ View Code.’


Matching the JS code of Picreel that you added to the body tag of your site

Please, make sure that this code matches the code on your website.


3. Is your template configured to the correct URL?

Make sure the URL of the page you are viewing matches the URL pattern that the template is configured for. Check if the URL matches the one you mentioned during the campaign setup.


Verifying the URL


4. Will the template display if you try to preview it?

From your dashboard, press ‘Campaigns,’ and click on the ‘eye icon’ to preview:


Previewing the Campaign


If your survey is displayed correctly, you may still want to double-check that the visitor meets all the targeting options for that template.


5. Does the page match the URL pattern for more than one template?

For example, Template A is set up to display on https://your-site.com/page/, and survey B shows on https://your-site.com/page/subpage/.


6. Is your campaign active?

Ensure that the campaign is activated and displayed with a ‘play button.’


Checking if the status of your campaign is active



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