How to Set up a Survey Overlay


A survey is an excellent way to collect customer insights. Picreel lets you create the appropriate overlay to gather customer opinions on different matters seamlessly.


With a survey overlay, you can:


1. Seek customer responses before launching a new promotional offer.

2. Gather quick feedback on a product or service.


Here's what a survey overlay will look like on your website:


Preview of an overlay for surveying visitors


To create a survey overlay:


Step 1: In your Picreel account,

  • Navigate to ‘Campaigns’ from the dashboard.

  • Click on ‘+New Campaign.


Navigating to New campaign


Step 2: On this page,

  • Click on ‘Survey’ to open the collection of ready-to-use survey overlay templates.


Opening the list of survey overlay templates


  • Hover the cursor over a template and click ‘Customize’ to edit it based on your requirements.


Selecting a predefined survey overlay template to customize


Step 3.1: In part one of the editor, you can edit steps according to your needs.



You may change the survey title at the top of the editor.


Display option

You can set a survey to display as an overlay or as a full-screen survey. You get the option to do it in the beginning.


Selecting a display option


Add/Modify steps

You can add more steps and/or change the start screen of your survey. Also, you can switch between the steps to modify them.


You can also mandate a step by checking the ‘Make step required’ box.


Adding/modifying steps in your website survey pop-up


Modify the question

To change the default text on the template, you can replace phrases in the Question text fields. You can choose to add a description by checking the ‘Display a description’ box below the field.


Adding a question


Modify answer type

You can choose an answer type from the dropdown based on your survey question.


Selecting an answer type


Modifying the answers and using skip logic


To change the default text of the answers, replace phrases in the Answers box of the editor. You can also choose where a user is redirected in this box after selecting a specific response.


You can add more answers or remove the default ones.


Editing the questions and their subsequent responses


After making the changes, click on ‘Next Step’ in the bottom right corner to save and proceed to the ‘Edit Design’ section.



Step 3.2: In the second part of the editor, you can modify the design elements of your overlay:


Select Animation


You can choose how your nudge appears on the screen by selecting an animation from the list.


Selecting an animation




You can modify the background, question, button, description, text, and other colors.


Editing the color scheme


After making the changes, click on ‘Next Step’ at the bottom right corner to proceed to the campaign settings page.


Step 4: On the Settings page,

You can edit the following sections:


Modifying the targeting settings of your survey overlay


Step 5: Click ‘Save’ to finalize your changes.


That is all about creating a survey overlay in Picreel.



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