Mobile Overlay

After you have chosen a mobile design, you may modify it according to your needs. 


Background, button, header, and text colors can be easily changed at the top of the screen by using color pickers.



Using your own logo

To use your own logo picture, please, insert a link to your logo into the field below the color pickers.



Modifying the text

To change the default text on the template, please, replace phrases in the corresponding fields. Also, you may change button text.



Redirecting visitors

To redirect a visitor to another page once the submit button is pressed, please, select insert redirect link in the Redirect link option.


Hiding the close button

You may choose to hide the close button of a pop-up. To do so, please, make sure Hide Overlay close button is checked at the bottom of the editor. Otherwie, leave it unchecked.


Advanced modifications

To access advanced modifications of the offered designs, please, click on HTML/CSS Editor. Here, you may add additional fields, buttons, and change fonts, size, etc.