Mobile pop ups that take less than 25% of the screen

These pop ups are widley used for mobile screens. They take less than 25% of the screen. So visitors can easily navigate the site and click around the pop up. 


To get one of these pop ups, choose a "Thin Mobile Overlay". After it's done, you can modify it according to your needs. 



Want to change the colors? It can be easily done in the design tab. 



Any text can be customized as well. Just edit it in the fields that you see on the image above. 


What should happen after your visitors convert on the pop up? "Thin" pop ups can redirect them to any web page. Just select Redirect as an Action After Event and paste your URL. 


Note: Close message doesn't work for "Thin" designs. Please, use Redirect option, or leave Close message option to do nothing after visitors convert on the pop up. 


Also, our Option tab allows you to: 

-add cool animation to pop ups when they appear. For example, add a Slide In option to create some sort of a slider. 

-choose positions of your pop ups on screens. You can show pop ups in any part of your screen.



Want to make it less aggressive? Try our banner option. Please, find it in the Banner Settings tab. 


Use banner to add a tiny corner to your site. Your visitors can trigger pop ups whenever they are ready by clicking on the corner with your message. 


Need something super special? Check out the advanced options by clicking HTML/CSS tab at the very top of the settings. 



Here, you can add additional fields, buttons, and change fonts, size, etc.