What is Picreel?

Picreel is a marketing tool created to catch a customer at the moment when he is going to leave your website. 
How can it help you? 
Look, the content on your site can be really valuable, but there may be just not enough to make web visitors take an acton.. So the customer is going to leave your site in hesitation. 
And here comes time to arouse his interest with some attractive offer. 
If you wonder, how it is even possible to  know when the user wants to leave, don’t worry about that — it’s on us! Our system works by tracking visitor’s mouse and scroll movements in real time. No one will be left undetected. 
Huge benefit of using Picreel is a possibility to create any popup that meets your tastes and needs.  Moreover, you can choose trigger options you like and show your offer at the most suitable moment.