What Is a Good Benchmark for Exit Offers?


Here are several tips you can use when creating your offers:

  • Ensure your promotional offers grab the customer’s attention and provide value.

  • Make them exclusive. Put this special offer ONLY in your exit pop-up template and nowhere else.

  • Create an eye-catching and attractive design for your pop-up.

  • Give a limited time for your offer. Use pop-ups with timers. (Ex. Time is ticking! Don’t miss this exclusive offer. Only 10 minutes left!!!)


Here are several examples of pop-ups that had high conversion rates:

Atlanta-based drink processor, Kill Cliff, converted 1022 new customers the first month they installed an exit offer on their e-commerce site. Their conversion rate has gone up by 10.81%.


After adopting Picreel technology, Resume Now could generate 6361 new leads in the first month, and their conversion rate has gone up by 10.4%.


Purevpn has gotten more than 2100 new customers in one month! The exit offers campaign brought them a tremendous 10.57% conversion rate.



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