How to Add Email Verification to an Overlay


Improve the quality of your email list by adding the email verification feature to verify email addresses. Before your visitors click on the call to action button, the Picreel popup can tell if an email they enter is genuine or not.


By adding an email verification feature, you can:


1. Build an email list of genuine email addresses.

2. Filter out fake email addresses easily.


To add the email verification feature to an overlay:


Note: We integrate with BriteVerify to verify emails. You’ll need to have an account at


To integrate with,

  • Navigate to the ‘Edit Design’ section of your campaign

  • Open ‘HTML/CSS Editor’ at the top of your Design step.


Opening the Edit Design section of a campaign

  • Scroll down till you see the editor.

  • Paste this code after any line of code.

...where “your-api-key” is your API key of


Pasting the required code for verification


When you’re done, the Picreel popup will check if emails are real before your visitors can hit the “Yes” button. If the email is not real -- there will be a warning message to enter a valid email.


That is all about adding the email verification feature to your website overlays.



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