You can integrate Picreel with the MailChimp emailing service. This means that upon successful integration, all emails saved in Picreel system will be redirected to Mailchimp automatically.


To send your leads to MailChimp, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Leads category on the left side of your screen. There you can find emails entered via pop-ups.

2. Click the Export to Apps button and select the Mailchimp icon in the pop-up window that appears. OR just click the Mailchimp gray icon at the top bar of the Leads page. 



3. Enter your api-key and MailChimp list id. You can find both these values in your MailChimp account. See instructions below.

4. Check Live export after submit to save all your leads automatically.


Finding your MailChimp API Key and List ID


To find your MailChimp api-key, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your MailChimp account.

  2. On the top-right menu, select Account Settings > Extras > API Keys > Authorized Apps. You should see your API key listed on the Your API Keys table. 

To find your MailChimp list ID on the Settings page, follow these steps: Finding the List ID on the list's Settings page:

  1. Login to your MailChimp account.

  2. Navigate to the Lists page.

  3. Click the list’s drop-down menu and select Settings.

  4. Click on List name & defaults. You can find the list ID under the List name heading. 


If you want to send to Mailchimp multiple data parameters (e.g. email, name, and date), you need to create fields for these parameters in your Mailchimp account. In order to do so, follow the instruction:

1. In the the right top corner of your Mailchimp account click Lists.

2. Choose the list that is integrated with Picreel (i.e. where Picreel sends your collected leads).

3. Click Settings. Then, choose List fields and * MERGE * tags.



4. At the bottom click Add A Field.

5. In the appeared menu choose the data parameter you need.



6. Adjust the field according to your needs, and press Save Changes.



7. Instead of * MMERGE * tag you need to indicate the same name as in Picreel’s html editor. For example, phone for telephone number, or name for name.



It is also possible to send your leads to a specific group in MailChimp list. When you assign your campaign to a list, update your Mailchimp list id field in the following order -- list id;group category;your group name in Mailchimp. If you need to send leads to a sub-group also, make it this way -- list id;group category;your group name in Mailchimp;sub-group name. When this is done, click Assign. Please, check the example below: 



Group category and group name are in your MailChimp account: