How to recover abandoned shopping carts with Picreel exit offers?

Let’s see how exit offers can help you reduce cart abandonment rate.


Do you see users, who browse your site and decide to leave it without a purchase in carts? Exit offers give you a second chance to convert these prospects.


What you want is to convince them to do action on your final step of the sales funnel.


Picreel exit technology can detect when users are about to leave your website. Then, you can display any relevant message. That could be: 

-some special discount or a coupon;

-a link to download unique stuff, like e-book;

-an invitation to hop on a quick call or chat with support team;

-a call to leave some contact information;

-or any other message, like offering free shipping.


Excited? Now, let’s look into the ways to really send coupons, links, or whatever.


In fact, there’re different ways to do that. First, you can just type in the code on your overlay. It's done by using one or another of our two steps designs. You can display some message or ask for an email on the first step. Then, paste your coupons that will be seen on step two. 




Second, you can choose to redirect users to any page, where your special offer is located. All you need to do is to paste the redirect link during overlay customization. As the result, users are redirected to some web page after they click on your Call To Action button. 



Finally, you can display your unique offer in our close message. This is the message that converted users can see. It’s possible to write down anything, like discount codes or special links. Also, you can choose how long it should stay after an overlay has been closed. 




These are easy ways to offer something special. It can make user reconsider leaving your site. If you do nothing, when users are abandoning carts, you’re leaving money on the table.


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