Do you use Slack to manage your things? Connect Picreel and Slack to know what's happening in your Picreel account all the time!


Follow these steps to connect:

1. In the left menu of your Picreel account, choose Leads.

2. Select Export to CRMs.

3. Choose Slack.  

4. All you need is to specify:

- Webhook URL



Don't know where to get your Webhooks? Read on. 


- channel in Slack where you want to see updates

- if you want to see daily or weekly updates.



5. Hit Save when you're happy with the settings.  


How to find your Webhooks URL? 


1. In your Slack account click on Settings. 

2. Choose Add an app or integration. 



3. Hit Manage in the upper menu of the page that pops up. 

4. Search for Webhooks in the bar at the very top. Select Incoming WebHooks. 



5. Under the logo, click Add configuration. 

6. Click Add incoming WebHooks integration. Copy your Webhooks URL and paste it in your Picreel account. Follow instructions above.