Tracking custom Picreel conversions in 3rd party apps

Using Google Analytics? Adwords? 

Great! Chances are you want to gain control of Picreel conversions and view them in your 3rd party app. 

An easy way is to set up a redirect with a UTM parameters

But if you want to track conversions as a custom separate event, there's a good way to connect Picreel! 


There are two ways to make it work. 


First, you can add conversion tracking code of your 3rd party to a "thank you page". So if visitors click on a submit button of your Picreel popup, they can be redirected to a "thank you page". And if you paste the tracking code to this page, your 3rd party will fire a conversion event. 


Hold on. There's another way :) We can add a custom action on a submit button of your popup. It's class  .do-custom-action. So it means when visitors click on this button (sign up, for example), Picreel pings your site saying that there was a conversion. To make it work, you'll need to add a line of code to your site: 


(If you've jquery) -- 
            $(document).on('picreel_do_action',function() {
//do your actions on submit here
(if you're using javascript) -- 
document.addEventListener('picreel_do_action', function(){
   //do your actions on submit here      
You replace "do your actions on submit here" with a piece of code that your 3rd party app gives you. 
As a result, when visitors click on your submit button, Picreel pings your site. And your site sends a conversion event to a 3rd party.